Las Vegas - At the recent TISE tradeshow, QFloors presented its new browser-based cloud software, QPro POS+, as the ideal solution for smaller dealers.

“It used to be that flooring-industry-specific software was not always affordable nor feasible for a small flooring dealer,” said Chad Ogden, QFloors president. “There’s a huge number of people out there who are still trying to run their businesses only using QuickBooks or Excel or even pen and paper, and not enjoying the time savings and efficiencies that flooring-specific technologies can deliver. QPro POS+ changes that.”

Starting at $40 per/month per user, QPro POS+ provides benefits not available with generic software, such as square feet and square yard capabilities, electronic integrations with suppliers via fcB2B, instant on-the-fly job costing, correct sales/use tax calculations, and superior inventory management. Other POS+ features include customer proposals and sales orders, labor tracking, sales tax reporting, commissions, and installer billing.

Because the software is 100% browser-based, it can be used on any device with an internet connection. This means that it is not necessary to install software, purchase servers, install networks, or other costly IT expenses, thus saving dealers even more money.

The software’s unique programming allows for greater flexibility. For instance, line items on the invoice can be expanded, collapsed, and moved at will. Kits can be created that automatically populate the invoice with related items and labor costs, and then can be adapted as needed.

“We’ve had people testing QPro POS+ for a year or so, and we just started rolling it out to the public,” said Ogden. “The response has been very positive. There’s an obvious need for a software solution in this segment of the market.”

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