Antolini will display a new definition of Haute Nature at Coverings in Orlando, Fla., with the latest in luxury stone innovation. At booth #2172, inhibitions will be explored, as a multitude of elegant stone collections await visitors. The proverbial stage is set, as Antolini plans to define Haute Nature.

Experience the finest in natural stone as Black Cosmic and Python Black come to life at the booth’s entrance, while the reception area will be adorned with an Alluminate Patagonia background. The exhibit’s kitchen space takes center stage to include twin light plates, wall bars, and tables in Port Black dawning the revolutionary Azerocare treatment. Through this treatment, Antolini provides polished marbles, onyxes and soft quartzites complete protection from etching and staining derived by acid-based food elements. Daring displays of Precioustone in Rose Quartz and Crystal Quartz are placed next to illuminated slabs adjacent to the ‘Lady A’ jewelry area. Hand sculptures in New Belgium Black are set to feature fine grade rings and bracelets found only within the remarkable ‘Lady A’ jewelry collection.

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