At Marmomac 2019, Antolini will present the effectiveness of its Azerocare treatment, as well as new solutions from its Exclusive Stone Collection. From September 25-28, Antolini will be taking part in Marmomac 2019, displaying its unique and innovative proposals as part of an extensive exhibition (Outdoor Area "A", stand 15/16) created by the designer Alessandro La Spada. This year the Antolini installation will present a revolutionary technology patented by the company under the name Azerocare, the first specific protective treatment for marble and onyx.

Thanks to high-end design display stands, Marmomac visitors will be able to see some of Antolini’s top quality natural stones, enhanced through the application of Azerocare technology. This treatment guarantees protection against stains and corrosion caused by contact between the surfaces and food or other acidic organic substances, thereby maintaining the aesthetic and tactile perception of natural stone unchanged.

Antolini will also present a number of new natural stones that will further expand its Exclusive Stone Collection. Among others, the company will offer a world exclusive preview of Quarzo Azur. As striking and imposing as glaciers, this precious material captures the disarming simplicity of water in its blue/grey veining. Characterized by reflections of light that provoke sentiments and emotions in the human soul, Quarzo Azur is purity and absolute, clarity and silence. A stone with great communicative impact, it is ideal for those looking for a lifestyle that constantly aspires to distinctiveness, totality and infinity.

This beautiful quartz can also be backlit to give a striking and amazing effect.

As with the previous edition of Marmomac, this year Antolini will also be among the companies supporting The Italian Stone Theater project curated by Raffaello Galliotto and Vincenzo Pavan, dedicated in 2019 to the theme “Naturalità – Unità e Geo-diversità della pietra (Naturality – the Unity and Geo-diversity of stone)”.

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