Raleigh N.C. -- Horizon Forest Products recently supported the 4th Annual Bowling for Autism event sponsored by T&T Creative Group. This event was held to raise funds and awareness for autism education in the local community. This year, the autism classes at Rolesville Senior High School and Sycamore Creek Elementary School were gifted a combined total of over $8,000 to support the growing need to fund essential classroom technology, field trips, and supplies for the school year. In addition, another $1,500 was raised to help support other autism education schools in the community.

Horizon Forest Products has been excited to help in the event’s success every year since the first annual event was held in 2016. As the event gains more and more support over the years, T&T Creative Group have their hopes set to expand the event to assist all of the schools in Wake and Johnston counties.

"This was a breakthrough event! I’m so proud of our sponsors, teachers and volunteers for committing themselves to a higher cause,” said Derrick Thompson, CEO of T&T Creative Group. “Horizon Forest Products stepped up to an ambassador level this year which allowed us to help many more children that suffer from autism and other disabilities.  We look forward to doing this again next year."

Staff members at Horizon Forest Products engaged in supporting the event by participating in the sponsor tournament Bowl-a-Thon. “It’s always great to have the chance to team up with other organizations that also understand the importance of giving back,” said Adam Purvis, marketing team member at Horizon Forest Products. “Community involvement is an important part of our mission at Horizon Forest Products, so we were pleased to have the opportunity to support a program that makes a difference in so many lives.”

For more information, visit www.horizonforest.com.