A beautiful floor with superior durability and water resistance is the essence of Eternity, a new laminate collection manufactured in Belgium and sold by Beauflor USA. The Eternity collection is constructed on an extra thick, moisture resistant plank that is treated with water repelling technology to add protection against spills, stains, and impacts. The planks have an overall 14 mm thickness and an AC5 wear rating that makes Eternity unique in the water resistant laminate category. With 8 new on-trend colors, ranging from light gray to dark brown and in-register embossing, Eternity has the look of luxury living and feel of an authentic hardwood floor.

Water resistant flooring is a key feature for customers with children and pets. Eternity’s water repellant planks make cleaning spills and removing stains easy. It is also suitable for bathroom and kitchen areas were spills are more common. The floor is backed by a 72 hour topical water warranty that guarantees that the floor will withstand spills as long as they are removed within 72 hours. It also comes with a lifetime residential and 15 year commercial warranty.

Each plank is equipped with a 2mm thick pad that increases underfoot comfort, reduces noise, and covers small subfloor imperfections. The attached pad reduces the cost of installation because no additional underlayment is required. The planks are built with a 5G locking system that makes it easier and faster to install and locks out spills for up to 72 hours. Coordinating moldings are also available to assist in making the floor flow seamlessly throughout the home or workplace.

For more information, visit www.beauflor.us.