The new 4iE Portrait series has been designed identically to Warmup's original Horizontal 4iE with one key difference: orientation. By popular demand, Warmup has delivered a vertical version of the 4iE so that every job can connect to the smart line voltage thermostat.

Warmup’s 4iE thermostat allows for the most efficient and convenient use of underfloor heating systems. Using the MyHeating app and a WiFi enabled device you can choose to alter your thermostat settings manually from any location or you can enable SmartGeo so that your system activates automatically based off of your proximity to home. 4iE is also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Both the 4iE-04V (WIFI) and 4iE-03V (Touch Screen) models are sold in black or white and come backed by Warmup’s LifeTime System Warranty and 24/7 support.

The Warmup 4iE thermostat is compatible with other systems and can be mounted as an upgrade to existing floor heating systems. The Warmup 4iE controls can also be used with Electric Baseboard heating systems with a capacity of up to 3600 Watts per unit. Warmup also offers 6000 Watts relays for larger systems.

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