A recent survey by United Carpets and Beds found that home owners choosing to change their carpet to match a new color scheme outnumber those replacing a carpet that ‘felt unhygienic’ by almost two-to-one.

As many as 86% of those surveyed said they would choose to keep the carpets from the previous owners when moving into a new home, despite old carpets harboring a variety of germs and dirt—including dead skin cells.

Tahire Khan, head of ecommerce at United Carpets and Beds said, “The days of investing in a ‘carpet for life’ are gone. A wider range of materials means that it is possible to find high-quality carpet to suit all budgets, allowing home owners the flexibility to replace carpets to suit changes in style and décor.”

Almost one third of respondents would change their carpet if it appeared stained or damaged, however 17% admitted to hiding stains with strategically placed rugs and furniture.

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