Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- Antonio Sustiel, owner of, is scheduled to appear as a guest on the TV show The American Dream, Aug. 10. Hosted by Eric Roberts, the biographical series inspires audiences by telling compelling stories of the humble beginnings of entrepreneurs who personify the American Dream. The show airs on Bloomberg Television Saturday, Aug. 10, at 5 pm [EDT].

Antonio Sustiel is an American immigrant from Israel who built a multimillion-dollar flooring-liquidation empire based in Florida. Early on, Sustiel gained proficiency buying and selling merchandise as a perfume salesman, when a chance encounter one day with a wood-flooring sales opportunity at a warehouse changed his entire career.

Sustiel purchased that first shipment of flooring and sold it quickly. Realizing then that there was a demand from manufacturers to unload high-quality but overstocked flooring at low prices, Sustiel laid the foundation for his growing empire. Now, Sustiel focuses not only on liquidation, but on laminate wood flooring "and vinyl 100% waterproof" sales in general, and installation.

Sustiel's mission has always been about helping his community, while providing affordable high-quality flooring wherever it is needed around the world. Sustiel recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity to supply the organization's needs for its nationwide projects. He also works personally with families who cannot afford the flooring they need for their homes.

"Today, we are providing flooring installation into close to 4,000 homes each year; so, I'm very excited to appear on The American Dream to discuss both my journey and some of my future plans. My current goal is to take my flooring business and open around 150 stores nationwide, with another 150 stores abroad. Ultimately though, I want to educate future generations on how to try and use recyclable materials for flooring—to save the environment and preserve nature," said Sustiel.

After appearing on CNBC's Blue Collar Millionaires in 2017, this is now Antonio's second time appearing on national television.

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