San Rafael, Calif. -- Creating Your Space has launched their new natural stone slab countertop videos. These educational videos are the next series in the extensive product knowledge video collection Creating Your Space provides to their dealers for use in their custom websites, social media and in store to engage and educate consumers.

The natural stone countertop series includes two videos: “Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab Countertops” and “Care and Maintenance.” In Before You Buy, consumers learn essential product information, what to expect from a natural stone slab, edge treatments, and seaming. This video inspires through beautiful imagery while educating and setting realistic expectations.

The care and maintenance video demonstrates the proper cleaning techniques for natural stone and provides information on the correct type of products to use while also showing what not to do when caring for a natural stone slab countertop.

Next up in the video series will be Quartz countertops.

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