Crossville, Inc. launched Story Teller porcelain tile collection. This unique wood-look collection captures the graining effect achieved through the antique art of cerusing with modern digital technology to provide a mirrored, light-and-dark wood-grain appearance. Cerusing is a 16th-century contrasting technique developed to highlight the graining of wood, yet its stunning effects are as current today as when they were first discovered long ago.

“Story Teller has a key story to tell," said Scott Jones, Crossville director of product development. "Apart from being a beautiful and very realistic wood in porcelain tile, it also works as four color pairs. These are light and dark versions of tones inspired by cerusing and reverse cerusing. If a designer wanted, Story Teller offers built-in coordination for wall-to-floor or floor-to-floor transitions.”

Each of Story Teller’s four pairs of colorways—Satiric and Serious; Falsity and Fact; Hero and Villain; and Good and Evil—is designed to reflect the pale and deepened tonalities generated by this cerusing process. The contrasts offer visual transitions between floors and walls and strike a unique balance in design.

Story Teller comes in a 6x48 in. plank tile that is ideal for creating a variety of custom tile patterns. Designers may also incorporate the collection’s standard 2x2 in. square mosaic or the 1x6 in. brick mosaic to add interest to any design. Additionally, the collection also offers in style covebase and bullnose trim finish installations.

Responsibly manufactured in the U.S., Story Teller is suitable for interior floors and walls and covered exterior walls in commercial and residential settings. It’s a certified porcelain product and GreenSquared certified.

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