Destined to make waves in hospitality and high-end residential projects alike, design and architecture firm Workshop/APD’s new Picnic series—the fourth in its Atlantic Collection for Warp & Weft—debuted at Boutique Design New York (BDNY).

Like its predecessors Tidal, Meander and Shore that were introduced in spring, the collections draw inspiration from the Atlantic coastline, distinguished by a graphic, linear quality in woven jacquards, flat weaves, and hand knotted rugs.

“With this series, we’re definitely pushing the boundaries of flat weave design and construction,” said Michael Mandapati, Warp & Weft founder. “A tremendous amount of work went into achieving the crisp, curving lines that travel across the rugs’ weft, giving them exceptional visual movement.”

For the fourth and final Atlantic Collection series, Andrew Kline, Workshop/APD design director, and Bronsin Ablon, product designer, set out to create a collection that remained contextually relevant to Tidal, Meander, and Shore, while exploring new aspects of sand and sea.

“For Picnic, we wanted to look at the coastline differently,” said Kline. “The topography of the beach—the way the water pushed the sand onto the shore, or the gentle folds of a picnic blanket—inspired a design that adds tremendous depth to these flat weave rugs and certainly distinguishes them from less graphic, more organic designs that are common in the marketplace right now."

While their wavy grid design may evoke beach blankets or handwoven nets for those "in the know," the collection’s precise fabrication and sophisticated color palette of rich cream, deep teal, grey-blue, rose, wine, ash brown, silver, and marigold also lend the wool and silk-and-wool rugs a luxe, tailored look. A single design is deployed across the seven styles, but variations in construction and technique, coloration, material and scale create a unique look for each rug. Options include cut pile construction as well as tassels, a first for the maker’s flat designs, adorning two or four sides of the rug, each precisely aligned with the pattern’s lines.

Each highly customizable, made-to-order Picnic rug is appropriate for a wide range of hospitality and residential applications.

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