Mountville, Pa. -- – AHF Products is transforming its entire line of domestically produced engineered hardwood with the new Densitek core, a high performance composite material which provides improved dent resistance and faster installation when compared to a traditional plywood core. Engineered wood floors with Densitek give consumers the stability, strength, and protection they expect with the added beauty of a real hardwood veneer.

“We look at flooring from the consumer’s perspective to identify clear problems to solve," said Mike Bell, COO of AHF Products. "It’s really all about performance. Specifically engineered with hydrophobic technology to resist moisture absorption, Densitek is engineered to give consumers their most desired flooring–real hardwood–with the durability, resistance to moisture and ease-of installation they need. And, since the floors with Densitek are indeed real hardwood, there is also a sustainability story here that non-wood (plastic) products can’t offer.”

Made up of layers, engineered hardwood with Densitek core is constructed with a 100% natural wood veneer top. Best of all, while performance is improved across-the-board, it does not change the floor’s visuals or textures in any way. The enhanced construction is being incorporated seamlessly in both new and existing engineered hardwood flooring collections. The conversion of all AHF Products’ domestic engineered hardwood product collections to the Densitek core will be completed March 2020, across its family of brands, including Bruce, Hartco, Capella and Robbins.

Densitek core is denser and less porous than solid wood or a plywood core, offering greater dent resistance, dimensional stability and moisture resistance. Built to perform, the Densitek core is more than 33% harder and 50% more water resistant than a traditional plywood core. Since no acclimation is needed, the floors can be installed anywhere in the home, above or below grade. In addition, higher utilization of harvested timber in the manufacturing process translates into a lower impact on the environment.

“It’s a fact that most of us want hardwood flooring in our homes,” said Bell. He cites a recent National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) survey that says nearly 80% of homeowners believe that wood floors add the most value to a home, and an NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) survey of nearly 4,000 homebuyers who listed hardwood flooring as one of the top ten desired features in a home.

“Wood delivers warmth, visually and to the touch, providing beauty and comfort to a wide variety of spaces. People want something real, that’s responsible, authentic and long-lasting and lives up to everyday life,” said Bell. “Real wood is the real deal.”

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