In response to the high demand for resilient products, Mohawk is expanding VersaTech, the original waterproof flooring solution, to provide more versatile options for every consumer and every budget. In the coming year, VersaTech will add a new Plus tier to complete its current domestically produced product offerings, VersaTech Essentials and Select. This additional tier will feature new CleanProtect with built-in Actviveguard technology that provides antimicrobial properties and refreshed decors for a seamless shopping experience. 

“As the original waterproof flooring, VersaTech is synonymous with versatility,” said Seth Arnold, vice president of hard surface marketing. “With this new tier, VersaTech is able to offer a clear trade-up story for any performance, style and budget need, while attracting a new audience of consumers who find comfort in a clean home with CleanProtect technology.” 

VersaTech is now available in multiple price tiers, Essentials, Select and Plus, to provide versatile options for every budget. VersaTech Essentials features wear protection that resists wears, tears and gouges at affordable prices, resulting in fewer customer claims. VersaTech Select provides wear protection plus EasyClean and stain and scuff protection for simple clean ups and stain prevention.   

New VersaTech Plus features 36 redesigned decors with enhanced performance and stain, scuff and scratch protection. VersaTech also features new CleanProtect, featuring antimicrobial properties built in to protect the floor. 

“VersaTech continues to meet the consumers’ needs with versatile options for every home,” said Adam Ward, vice president of product management, resilient. “VersaTech’s fiberglass construction provides superior performance while making it low maintenance, perfect for customers looking for a flooring for everyday life.” 

For more information on VersaTech, visit or speak to your local Mohawk sales representative.