Tarkett's Lino collectionThe Lino Collection, new from Tarkett, includes LinoFloor and LinoWall, a natural, versatile and sustainable linoleum, combining more than 120 years of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation.

LinoWall opens up a world of coordinated design possibilities, connecting color and texture on every plane of the design. Easy to install, clean and maintain, LinoFloor and LinoWall are ideal for a variety of spaces such as healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and corporate settings.

This fresh, distinctive collection blends pattern and color to create stylish, innovative flooring and wall treatments. The Lino Collection includes Tarkett's xf2 surface treatment technology for excellent durability and easy cleaning and maintenance. Tarkett's Lino Collection is naturally antimicrobial, easy to maintain, and designed for heavy everyday use. The material allows custom cuts to combine color and shape in interesting designs for an eye-catching visual focal point that creates a unique experience.

The Tarkett linoleum plant in Narni, Italy began its production at the end of the 19th century. The plant represents one of the first industries in the region, which shaped the industrial development of Narni and the surrounding area. Tarkett's Lino Collection is made from all-natural ingredients at the Narni plant, using the same original recipe since 1898. This has enabled Tarkett's team to develop an intimate understanding of every natural ingredient and the expertise to adapt manufacturing to the subtle variations in each year's crop.

This linoleum material offers a timeless design and a robustness that stand the test of time. Tarkett constantly innovates its production processes, developing colors and new striking designs and improving its flooring technical characteristics for specific uses, such as acoustic control in education, and two new pattern introductions, Trentino and Mineral, for LinoFloor. Tarkett's Lino Collection combines tradition and innovation to meet the functional and design needs of today's spaces. 

With a palette of six nature-inspired colors, the new LinoWall is a great alternative to traditional wall décor as it’s durable and easy to clean and maintain. Its acoustic properties help keep spaces quiet and comfortable for end users.

Tarkett’s updated collection of lino flooring offers a large variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary aesthetics. With 14 new colors and extreme durability for high-traffic areas, LinoFloor’s easy maintenance reduces water and chemical expenses to promote healthy spaces.

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