Wood flooring professionals that want to make their business stronger and more profitable can now register for Basic Coatings’ 2020 training classes.

According to the company, the classes are designed to build knowledge of different products, procedures, and critical success factors, develop hands-on skills and cultivate sales and problem-solving techniques.

March 30–April 2, Basic Coatings Sports Floor School will cover all facets of refinishing a gym floor after sanding, including staining, sealing, finishing, game lines, logos, and proper cleaning and maintenance procedures.

May 12–14, NWFA Intermediate Installation + CP Testing will review job site preparation, layout, moisture testing, choosing and using the proper tools, and the different types of wood flooring.

May 26–29, Basic Coatings Product Training School will cover the entire Basic Coatings product range.

June 16–18, NWFA Intermediate Sand & Finish + CP Testing is set to go over the entire sanding process, each piece of equipment, their proper uses, and basic maintenance.

October 12–15, Basic Coatings Product Training School will once again cover the entire Basic Coatings product range.

October 27–29, NWFA Advanced Finish will focus on the specialty skill sets required to become a Certified Master Craftsman.

For more information, visit basiccoatings.com.