The number one challenge specialty retailers face today is getting people in their front door. Mohawk’s Neighborhood Ad Manager provides retailers a solution – local advertising designed to reach shoppers and drive traffic in store.

“Today’s increasingly competitive market has seen the emergence of new channels with enormous ad budgets,” said Seth Arnold, vice president of residential marketing. “Buyers have more choices than ever before, but too many choices leave many shoppers frustrated and overwhelmed. This is why Mohawk believes specialty retail has a unique advantage.”

“What customers really want is the time, attention and guided shopping experience that only specialty retail can provide. We know this because millions of consumers are searching the internet for answers. That’s where Neighborhood Ad Manager comes in—to reach these local shoppers and bring them in store.”

Through the Neighborhood Ad Manager, specialty retail partners receive the highest level of support with:

  • Informed Advertising Spend. Mohawk knows that more spend does not always equal more return. Work with Mohawk’s expert consultants to determine the right ad budget for maximum ROI. 
  • Tailored Ads for Local Market. With Mohawk’s extensive collection of data from markets across the country, inspiring ads are placed right where local shoppers are sure to see them. 
  • Top Search Ranking. Stores will be prominently featured as one of the top three local search results when shoppers search for flooring.
  • Optimized Landing Page. When shoppers click on an ad, the link will take them to a web page with more information about a local store.
  • Lowest Cost Per Lead. With Mohawk’s Neighborhood Ad Manager, retailers can spend money and save money at the same time. Retailers can also use available co-op dollars to cover up to 75% of their ad spend. 

“Mohawk knows that our flooring doesn’t sell itself. We rely on our retail partners to connect shoppers to our products,” explained Arnold. “In return, retailers can rely on us to drive customers to their stores. With the size and scale you’d expect from the biggest brands in flooring, Mohawk has the resources to deliver advantages they won’t find anywhere else.”

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