In 2020, Engineered Floors will celebrate 10 years of creating carpet. During this time, the company has manufactured carpet using its proprietary solution-dyed technology to create PureColor fiber, redefining carpet and the value it can bring to any space. 

“While we are proud of our past accomplishments, attendees will discover that Engineered Floors’ best days are still ahead of us,” said Mike Sanderson, vice president of marketing for Engineered Floors.  

The company will launch three brands while at Surfaces. They include DW Select, a residential carpet collection of beautifully styled patterns, textures, and colors; twistX, which is the new proprietary solution-dyed fiber system reserved for DW Select; and a new, innovative LVT collection that offers some of the industry’s most durable planks.  

The company has built its reputation through providing value products to the middle of the market. Its newest carpet innovations will build upon that value, expanding its reach in the premium level.  

“There are different ways you can provide value,” said Joe Young, soft surface category manger, Engineered Floors. “Some people want soft, some people want a low price. This is really our first venture into what I would say the style, design and performance world.” 

The new products are leveraging patented technology brought about through Engineered Floors’ acquisition of Beaulieu. The patented twist technology allows the company to manufacturer unique visuals without adding to the cost of the product like traditional tufting methods would. The solution-dyed polyester also provides the same resistance to fade, stains and bleach, along with color consistency, and when installed, the higher density helps the carpet stand up to foot marks and vacuum marks, which annoy the consumer. 

“They had a patented process, that we’ve been able to create some really unique visuals, multi-colors, and then also provide a performance story that no one has been able to tell before using polyester,” Young said. “The building blocks or the foundation don’t change. This is still solution-dyed, not polyester. And this is still Purecolor.”

DW Select will function as a standalone brand and will be distributed through a targeted clientele, Young said.  

“It’s a lot of customers who, quite honestly, we do not do a lot of business with today. They are used to selling branded nylons, whether that’s a Tuftex, Masland, Dixie, or even a Karastan. Our product offering wasn’t necessarily something that fit their clientele or their wheelhouse.” 

The differentiator for DW Select in the market is the twistX proprietary solution-dyed fiber system reserved. The first differentiator is the three-ply yarn, compared to traditional two-ply yarn, which creates a cable or a rope- like effect that offers a 33% larger bundle size in the carpet. Where premium carpets typically price in the mid $20s, DW Select will price in the mid-teens.