Hydropel Waterproof Hardwood Flooring by Bruce was ranked among Better Homes & Gardens special interest publication, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths magazine’s "30 Most Innovative Products for 2020".

The annual 30 Most Innovative Products listing features Beautiful Kitchens & Baths editors' top picks for products that combine smart function, seamless style and cutting-edge technology.

“Being recognized in this product category for kitchen and bath really shows how versatile Hydropel real hardwood flooring is,” said Wendy Booker, vice president, marketing and product development, AHF Products. “Our goal is to offer individuals the freedom to make great design choices, knowing they are getting the wood flooring product they really want with the performance they need in high moisture areas like kitchens and baths. There is no need to compromise.”

Hydropel is a 100% waterproof engineered hardwood flooring infused with proprietary technology to resist water for up to 36 hours so that it can be installed anywhere, in any room of the home. Hydropel is built with a unique core technology which AHF Products has termed ultra-high density fiberboard. This construction is denser and more water resistant than typical plywood or high density fiberboard cores and helps protect against everyday spills, wet moping or even pet accidents from absorbing into the wood or leaking between planks into the subfloor.

“It is real hardwood from top to bottom–and that’s what consumers truly want in their homes,” Booker added.

Since hardwood is desired for its beauty and natural good looks, Hydropel provides a wide array of design options. Available in oak and hickory, in smooth, scraped, and brushed textures, Hydropel is current with the latest design trends in flooring. It features a low gloss finish and is available in 5-inch planks up to 48-inches long to give consumers extensive design flexibility.

For more information, visit AHFProducts.com and TraditionalHome.com/30Most.