Mohawk Hardwood Flooring with ArmorMax Finish made Beautiful Kitchens & Baths magazine's fifth-annual list of 30 Most Innovative Products.

Selected for the combination of smart function, seamless style and cutting edge technology, Mohawk hardwood with ArmorMax Finish allows homeowners to follow their design instincts while providing ultimate wear-resistance and superior durability, according to the company. In order to give homeowners wood floors natural beauty, ArmorMax Finish penetrates deep into the wood fiber.

“Innovation is no longer just appreciated but expected by consumers and designers alike, and Mohawk has answered the call with a new surface that defies expectations both in terms of style and performance,” said Samantha Hart, group editor of Luxury Home Design. “ArmorMax Finish has set the flooring standard for what it means to be truly innovative.”

Tammy Perez, senior brand director for Mohawk hard surface, said, “We know the true challenges our consumers face—they have active children, pets and just the wear-and-tear of everyday life to stress over. Keeping a home pristine and wood floors looking new is a completely daunting task. ArmorMax Finish gives our hardwood floors the toughest armor created to give busy homes unparalleled protection. This award is so meaningful to our company and our work since innovation is at the top of our goals.”

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