International Design Guild kicks off the new decade with its annual Summit at Surfaces in Las Vegas January 28-30, 2020. The annual meeting of CCA Global’s luxury flooring collective will roll out a three-year-plan for membership focused on marketing, member engagement and networking, exclusive products and the expansion of its thriving Design for a Difference charity outreach initiative.

Keith Spano, President of The International Design Guild, said the 2020 Summit will introduce a new mission and brand pillars that dovetail with the new three-year-plan. 

“Our mission is for members to bring their collective wisdom and shared experiences to each other with a shared goal to improve the businesses and lives of our membership while continuing to strengthen our group,” said Spano. “We’ll accomplish this with engagement and networking, sharing best practices and tapping into the expertise and knowledge found within this exclusive group of luxury showrooms.”

For this year and the next three years, the group will focus on helping members be more profitable and improving their quality of life, he added. 

The team at International Design Guild planned a jam-packed agenda, including keynote speaker, Economist Connor Lokar. 

Additionally, the three-year-plan includes five strategic pillars:

  • Networking. Network and engagement are increasingly vital to membership, so participation in events, phone calls, social media interaction and Summit attendance are part of this pillar.
  • The Louis A. Dabbieri Collection. What makes the International Guild distinct and uniquely different is the Dabbieri private label brand, so leadership is amplifying the brand through several key initiatives.
  • Design for a Difference (DFAD). DFAD is one of the biggest member engagement initiatives in recent IDG history and continues to evolve. As such, IDG will develop ways for each member to benefit from the content created as a result of DFAD events and expand the program among the membership.
  • Websites and Digital Services.  IDG management will continue to improve the world-class websites provided to members and drive new innovation to the website platform to meet the needs of the future - including CMS, SEO, video content and Influencer marketing.
  • Building a Marketplace.  IDG members benefit by having a plethora of services in marketing, merchandising, training, consulting and networking opportunities.  The Guild leadership is looking ahead to provide improved and new services like live chat/text scheduling services, consumer financing, local social media, event planning, CRM services and more.

In addition to one-on-one meetings, Connor Lokar and sessions, Summit Includes a Black Tie closing event exclusively for members at the Omnia Terrace located at Caesar's Palace. This event will celebrate the longevity of the group and its 25 year anniversary. 

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