While the International Surface Event holds a vital role in the flooring industry, it holds an extra-special place in the history and the makings of QFloors, and this year the flooring industry-specific software company returned to the show for the 20th time, where it officially launched its highly anticipated QPro software.

Creating a buzz among the industry, the software company’s booth at the show saw very little downtime, as potential and current customers stopped by to walk through the company’s array of program offerings.

“I’ve been touched by the support,” said Chris Ogden, director of marketing. “It reemphasized that this is an industry of relationships. Twenty years ago, we came here and we were younger and greener and we built these relationships and they have been so supportive.”

That support was seen first-hand at the ribbon cutting event which officially launched QPro, a subscription model ideal for the roughly 6,000 flooring industry stores that are not currently using any type of flooring industry-specific software.

“We are celebrating this awesome thing, but it’s so wonderful to celebrate with other people,” Chris added.

The company has spent several years investing in QPro—while continuing to update its QFloors software—and current and future customers can now determine which program’s capabilities will best fit their needs, no matter the size of the operation.

“We have a good solution for everybody,” said Chad Ogden, president and CEO. “That goes from the $70M store all the way down to the $200,000 guy sitting there by himself. We are going to direct customers to whatever makes the most sense for their company right now. We aren’t going to push them into something that they don’t need.”

For more information, visit qfloors.com.