Karen Pearse Global Direct has launched Protect Collections, a vast array of antimicrobial porcelain tiles developed with Microban technology.

KPGD’s entire Protect Collections line is resistant to viruses and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces using technology based on silver ions, which blocks the metabolism of bacteria, eliminating it and preventing it from replicating.

“With global awareness and of hygiene and cleanliness reaching record heights,” says Karen Pearse, Founder of KPGD, “it is more important than ever that these principals be applied to creating beautiful, safer spaces. A balance of aesthetics and function are essential to intelligent design.”

Tested by independent laboratories, the Microban technology applied to Protect Collections is the only antimicrobial method that guarantees protection 24-hours a day with or without sunlight, unlike other technologies which are only activated by UV light. Since silver ions are integrated from the initial process of firing the porcelain tiles, protection will remain at peak strength throughout the entire life of the product. In addition to domestic environments, Protect Collections is ideal for health clubs, spas, restaurants, airports, shopping centers and schools to prevent the spread and growth of bacteria and eliminate the odors caused by bacteria.

To learn more, visit kpgd.com.