RollMaster is launching a virtual event Wednesday, March 25, 2020 designed to provide flooring professionals advice on how to set up a successful "Work from Home" environment during this interim period.

RollMaster staff works 100% remotely, and has since 2005. They've learned what works best for communicating with clients and other team members and they believe this information presented in this format could be beneficial to several people.

Join them and/or share the webinar link to promote from your platform. Here is the link to register.

The following are some bullet points they'll be covering:

  • Tech that lets you stay in touch with co-workers and staff and ways to set up specific channels/groups/departments
  • A look at various screen-share and video conference utilities
  • How to use Google Drive, Dropbox, and other internal share drives for document sharing/access
  • How to access helpful recording software to share videos with staff/clients
  • Ways to fill your downtime that will help you become an improved flooring professional

The time and day is this Wednesday, 3/25/20 at 12:00PM EST and registration is required via the link above.