IFTI, a provider of Professional Solutions for the construction industry since 1997, including its flagship solution, Concrete Moisture Testing, announced a new strategic solution, PROvision, to create an all industry solution that brings new efficiencies in physical building renovation, new build project management, facilities management, and retail and hospitality design. This new offering and the new PROvision site, is an expansion of IFTI’s line of Pro Solutions, allowing IFTI to deliver new levels of quality control - from construction to completion – to customers without having to travel to each site.

“All industries, especially retail, construction, and healthcare, are embracing 3D technologies in increasing numbers to more accurately, remotely and economically manage facilities, construction sites or optimize retail environments. Yet, 3D Imaging solutions have traditionally been relatively slow, hard to scale, expensive to deploy and demanding in creating the imaging processing involved,” said James Duffy, Vice President at IFTI.

IFTI’s innovation with PROvision is to streamline and simplify the creation and deployment of 3D Imaging solution for all types of projects, all the while delivering the best visual and dimensional information about physical spaces. With PROvision, IFTI transformed a cutting-edge technology into a reliable, scalable professional solution, delivered through a proven network of technicians available in all 50 states. This solution is available to be deployed by organizations of all sizes, with 1 to 10,000 spaces, powering new levels of cost efficiencies that has previously prevented this technology from being deployed broadly.

Synergistically, IFTI’s existing Concrete Moisture Testing and PROvision 3D imaging solutions, are designed to work with Architects, Project Managers, Estimators, Facilities Managers, Directors of Operations, and General Contractors to ensure quality standards are being implemented throughout the life of any project.

For more information, visit www.PROvision.ifti.com.