AHF Products, a hardwood flooring company, is launching a program to ship free flooring samples for retailers to better support a more personalized “home shopping” experience for consumers. In addition, the company is introducing a new Visualizer tool across its top-selling flooring brands, including Bruce, Hartco and Robbins, to make it easy for trade professionals and homeowners to work on a new flooring project.

“Consumer samples give retailers a way to stay connected. Customers spending more time at home will still need to shop for things, and are focused more than ever on their home environment,” said Wendy Booker, vice president-marketing & product development, AHF Products. “Searching for the perfect floor doesn't have to mean a showroom visit. Free samples are one way to keep customers engaged and build goodwill, as well as to sell products.”

Beginning today until June 30, 2020 all consumer samples are free to consumers through AHF trade partners. To order, dealers can work directly with their distributor or sales contact and have samples shipped directly to their customers.

New online room visualizers, available now for Bruce, Hartco and Robbins floors, can be a valuable resource to help consumers make the right flooring choice. Not only can consumers see how a color or style will look in a variety of different rooms, but they can even upload their own image to see how their selections will look in their own home.

With the visualization technology, retailers have a wealth of inspiration to continue to work remotely with consumers. Dealers can help customers to immediately see what their floor will look like, and follow-up with actual samples. “In this scenario, they can demonstrate not only what's available, but also what it will look like in the customer's home," added Booker.

To see a new Bruce, Hartco or Robbins floor in seconds, visit:

“Many of our wood flooring brands, most notably Bruce, Hartco and Robbins, have been around for over a hundred years, and this legacy in the wood flooring industry has remained due to our focus on our customers’ needs. AHF remains committed to taking care of our customers throughout this challenging chapter,” said Booker. “While the pandemic is profoundly impacting our people, our emotions, our businesses and our industry, we know that ‘this too shall pass’ and we are preparing for success on the other side.”

For general information, visit www.AHFProducts.com.