Attendance at Schönox Social Distance Learning webinars, CEUs, and live-cast demonstrations has far exceeded the original goals of the program leading to the expansion of the platform with more topics and scheduled events. Operating with the unifying theme, Emerge Better, many of the program topics are focused on sharpening the specifying and installation skills of contractors, architects, designers, and project owners. Other programs have a more urgent status like that for converting hospitality and office space to hospital uses.

While the wide range of topics has been well attended, the webinars regarding the conversion of hospitality and office spaces to healthcare use have been particularly well attended. These sessions focused on a series of Schönox products put together in recent weeks for use within a Schönox Rapid Healthcare Facility Conversion Initiative. “It’s a rare thing to see training sessions being translated so quickly into real-world projects, but that is what has happened with Schönox Social Distance Learning sessions,” explained Doug Young, Executive Vice President, Schönox HPS North America. “I am excited to see people learning from the sessions and then immediately putting that knowledge to use specifying product solutions and taking on new subfloor projects with greater confidence.” An initial goal to reach 3,000 attendees will be attained and surpassed soon as programs continue.

Schönox Social Distance Learning courses and presentations include: self-leveling techniques, synthetic and hybrid technologies, primer selections, subfloor analysis, moisture mitigation solutions, pumping and pouring benefits, shower installations, industry topics, and product systems designed to meet subfloor challenges targeted at segments such as education, multifamily, healthcare, and commercial spaces. Most are prescheduled course times, but there are also opportunities for flexible scheduling based on the interests and needs of professional groups and firms. Those interested in participating in Schönox Social Distance Learning programs can register online or for private sessions contact Carol Morris at 855-391-2649 or contact your local sales representative.