“In residential soft, we continue to see growth in the pattern category,” said  Laurie Dillingham, director of research and development, Engineered Floors. “Where once, pattern was reserved for a small percentage of the business, we find residential consumers now very comfortable with small scale geometrics and organic patterning as a dimensional contrast to the hard surface areas within their space.  We are equally seeing the luster level in soft surface shift to a more natural, matte finish.”

This year, Engineered Floors launched DW Select featuring patented proprietary twistX technology. 

“This collection of products explores both the nuances of natural materials as well as the simplistic beauty of the natural landscape,” Dillingham said. “Design and nature within the interior have coincided for centuries.  Nature’s canvas embraces individuality like no other, reminding us that in nature, no two things are exactly alike much like consumers distinctive design styles.”

While consumers want organically inspired products, consumers equally want practicality and performance.  DW Select offers beautiful products which look and feel like a natural material while utilizing performance fibers and constructions appealing to today’s active households. “The PureColor twistX technology blend and bundle yarns in a unique manner to create subtle, time worn influences much like a hued patina creating rich dimensional colorways which pair nicely with our hard surface product offering,” Dillingham added.