Armstrong Flooring announced it has been honored with two Platinum Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX). ADEX is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product & project design in the A&D industry.

“We are very proud to have been selected for multiple Platinum ADEX awards,” said Brent Flaharty, senior vice president and chief customer experience officer. “Design, performance, and innovation have long been at the core of the Armstrong Flooring brand. Winning two Platinum ADEX awards is a testament to the company's dedication to bringing the most technologically advanced and visually exciting flooring products to market.”

The awarding winning lines include Rejuvenations Restore and Migrations & Striations BBT, all featuring Diamond 10 Technology coating.

  • Rejuvenations Restore is a no-polish, low-maintenance heterogeneous sheet product that offers the perfect balance of performance and comfort underfoot. Designed with healthcare spaces in mind, Rejuvenations Restore is constructed with a comfort base layer to help reduce foot and leg fatigue and joint impact for healthcare professionals who spend long shifts on their feet. It also helps control sound transmission and surface-generated noise to support a soothing environment.
  • Striations and Migrations BBT with Diamond 10 Technology coating deliver a sustainable, PVC-free flooring solution combining biophilic design, reduced maintenance, and long-term performance. A third-party certified Declare  label is available, verifying Red List Free status and disclosing material ingredients to 100 parts per million.

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