Bruce Flooring announces its new partnership with TV Host Mark Bowe of Barnwood Builders to introduce the Barnwood Living Collection, a new line of American-made solid hardwood flooring that offers the authentic look of a time-worn floor at a great price.

The Bruce product development team worked closely with Bowe to develop a solid hardwood collection that is representative of the wood he uses to restore barns and cabins. The collaboration embodies an accessible yet faithful approach to an authentic hardwood design that combines Bowe’s barnwood aesthetics with the quality and craftsmanship of Bruce.

“Original barn flooring is hard to come by, and because of its scarcity, when you do, it is very expensive. With Bruce, one of the oldest names in wood flooring, we were able to recreate a vintage look in a new wood floor, at a great price. And, it is proudly made in the U.S. in Beverly, West Virginia—my home state,” said Bowe.

“I’m passionate about honoring the craft of America’s pioneer ancestors and am devoted to ensuring their hard work lives for centuries to come,” said Bowe. “That’s the great thing about hardwood floors in general…they are real, naturally beautiful, and can last almost forever.”

The new Barnwood Living Collection is a curated 10 sku collection featuring a vintage, barnwood visual from the #1 name in hardwood, Bruce. The collection includes floors with natural knots and wormholes, pronounced graining, and distinctive markings that add to its unrefined appearance.

“Reclaimed wood is a popular trend in flooring, but the authentic product is hard to obtain and may have inconsistent quality. This collection brings this authentic look to the mass market allowing consumers to capitalize on this look at with the quality they have come to expect from the Bruce brand,” said Wendy Booker, Vice President, Marketing & Product Development. “These floors are not only for craftsmen like Mark, but also for homeowners who appreciate products that are authentic and familiar, that are handcrafted, and create a warm ambience and a unique feeling of ‘home’.”

Barnwood Builders follows Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen who salvage antique log cabins and barns. The show celebrates the American pioneer spirit, and pays tribute to the hard work and craftsmanship that built this nation. Bowe worked his way through West Virginia University as a coal miner, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is a craftsman, a businessman and a historian. He founded his company, Antique Cabins and Barns, in 1995. He and his longtime crew have reclaimed more than 400 pioneer-era structures throughout West Virginia.

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