Taylor Adhesives announced its collaboration with Robert Varden, executive director of International Certified Flooring Installers Association, Inc. Varden will be an official spokesperson for the Taylor brand and a contributing editor for TAYLOR TIME, the brand’s new training and educational platform.

“We have a high admiration for Robert and his contributions to the flooring industry, specifically when it comes to installation,” said Paul Murfin, president of Taylor. “He is highly respected as an industry expert and has been a longtime fan of Taylor Adhesives.”

“Robert will bring his considerable industry expertise to Taylor by his participation in TAYLOR TIME, along with special events, editorial content and ideas,” said Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor. “The installer’s perspective he brings is invaluable.”

“I’ve always had a long admiration for Taylor and its products, and I am thrilled to be an official spokesman of the brand,” said Varden. “At CFI, we have always had a motto, ‘support those that support you’. I personally want to thank Taylor for their commitment to installation training and education, as well as supplying needed products to CFI training events around the country. This commitment certainly deserves our recognition and our support.”

“Taylor is proud to have become the exclusive adhesive provider for CFI,” said Gladden.

To learn more about Taylor Adhesives, visit tayloradhesives.com.