Metroflor Corporation has launched a retail display for its new Engage Inception SPC flooring. A 100% waterproof floor, Engage Inception can be installed in rooms of the home where moisture is a concern. The new display was designed to assist the RSA in making the Engage Inception sale. “Metroflor’s new Engage Inception waterfall display tells the waterproof story and much more, supported by eye-catching, impactful graphics,” said Gary Keeble, Metroflor’s vice president of marketing. “The larger 16” x 24” samples evoke the look and feeling of the installed product — a true representation for visualizing the flooring in place.”

The display graphics present a pyramid of features from top to bottom:

 The display visually highlights the accent bevels and authentic high-resolution embossed print/ film along with performance features.

Retailers interested in adding Engage Inception SPC flooring to their product portfolio should contact their Metroflor distributor. For more information, call (888) 235-6672;

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