Aspecta has launched Aspecta Contours in North America: a conceptual, boutique-style collection of large-scale patterned floors built on the foundation of the LVT leader’s ISOCORE Technology®. The new multilayer WPC features four distinct floor designs, each sharing a common palette of 8 colors, that will enable architects and designers to apply traditional parquet motifs in an oversized scale suitable for both commercial and residential settings.

Aspecta Contours’ patterns include the Chantilly whalebone pattern – a bold, oversized interpretation of herringbone; Chambord, a single plank, large-scale Chevron design; Tarascon, a modern take on basketweave; and Versailles, smaller-scale, pre-assembled chevron planks. Together they represent a key strategic design for a floating floor. With visuals trending towards more high-style, designer looks in wood grain patterns, these planks can inspire designers and architects to go beyond traditional parquet designs into quasi-custom looks, without the additional time and expense of specifying a custom product.

With an 8.0 mm gauge and a 22 mil/0.55 mm wear layer, Aspecta Contours is finished with Aspecta’s proprietary Duraspect Extreme Surface Protectant™ for unrivaled abrasion resistance and stain repellency. A pre-attached HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) underlayment provides sound mitigation and enhanced comfort underfoot. The two Chevron formats – Chambord and Versailles -- incorporate patent-pending technology from HMTX Industries.

CHAMBORD (Chevron Single Plank)
Chambord creates a bold chevron design with an impressive large-scale effect on the floor. The result is truly stunning, especially when the planks are positioned in the lighter, on-trend tones. With its in-register embossing for heightened depth and authenticity, Chambord lends a sophisticated look with a strong point of view. An innovative new process of profiling creates ISOCORE panels reminiscent of an artisan-crafted hardwood floor - but one that can be easily installed and maintained.

  • Plank size 8.46 x 42.32 in.
  • 32 unique planks
  • 4-Sided Micro-Bevel / In-Register Embossing
  • DropLock 100 Installation (with A&B planks)

CHANTILLY (Whalebone Single Plank)
Chantilly, a Whalebone Single Plank, plays with scale: a very bold, oversized interpretation of herringbone. It might be the most subtle and modern offering in the collection. The real surprise with Chantilly is its calming effect on a room because of its proportions. The DropLock 400™ profile allows the attachment of the short ends of a plank to the long edge of a plank, to create that herringbone/whalebone pattern much like a glue-down product, but in a floating floor installation.

  • Plank size 8.66 x 43.31 in.
  • 32 unique planks
  • 4-Sided Micro-Bevel / In-Register Embossing
  • DropLock 400 (with A&B planks)

TARASCON (Basketweave)
A long and wide plank with a pre-assembled basketweave design, Tarascon presents a novel way to build a Chevron motif: a classic alternative and Aspecta Contours’ most traditional visual. The basketweave look has a strong Scandinavian influence, yet more relaxed and casual. The Tarascon design is all about hygge: a Danish lifestyle embracing things that make life a little easier, a little cozier and a little more meaningful. That fits Tarascon to a T.

The Tarascon plank pattern is created by assembling small LVT planks, each enhanced with micro-beveling and in-register embossing, onto the rigid ISOCORE panel, which elevates the hardwood realism and warmth of the product.

  • Plank size 11.89 x 55.83 in.
  • 144 unique planks
  • 4-Sided Micro-Bevel / In-Register Embossing
  • DropLock 100™ installation system

VERSAILLES (Chevron Plank Grande)
A pre-assembled chevron plank, Versailles produces a smaller-scale chevron pattern when installed: a high-style, European-influenced designer look. Its Old-World, grand impact appears wherever you put it—retail, restaurants, hospitality. To create the Versailles effect, Aspecta assembles small chevron-shaped pieces of LVT - each with a micro-bevel - onto a rigid ISOCORE panel, which is then cut into a chevron and milled with our DropLock 100 locking profile. Point-to-point A-B planks line up the small chevrons within each Versailles plank. Versailles establishes a new gold standard in flooring.

  • Plank size: 12.01 x 55.43 in.
  • 216 unique planks
  • 4-Sided Micro-Bevel / In-Register Embossing
  • DropLock 100 installation system (with A&B planks)

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