Global Flooring Alliance (GFA) announced that it will again do an online research among its members of the current situation regarding Covid-19 and its consequences. Depending on the outcome, GFA will develop a tailor-made strategy for 2021. GFA regards the recent decision by the organization of the BAU Munich trade fair not to allow the event to take place in its normal format as wise and sensible. This in the context of the recent alarming developments regarding Covid-19 worldwide.

GFA chairman Einar Gottskalksson: “GFA regrets that important events for the industry such as Domotex and BAU in January 2021 cannot take place in the way we are used to. It should be clear that the connecting element of these trade fairs as a physical meeting place for our industry and trade will certainly be missed. However, GFA would find it irresponsible if the Hannover Messe and Messe München had made a different decision. The health and safety of both exhibitors and visitors must always come first. GFA has also canceled its general meeting that would have taken place in Munich in mid-January. The meeting will now be a virtual one and will take place online on the same date and time, i.e. Thursday January 14th.”

During this meeting, GFA will take important decisions regarding the strategy to be followed in Corona time, possible participation in Domotex 2021 in May, branding and promotion, market evaluation and support. GFA also hopes to attract a number of new members.

“Especially nowadays it is important to work together and join forces. This is not only about supporting each other with regard to logistics and products, but especially the exchange of information and the sharing of experiences is invaluable. I cannot emphasize enough that this is particularly true today in times of Corona. Information sharing has made Global Flooring Alliance an important partner for the trade for over 30 years, offering precious added value for its affiliated members.”

GFA will again do an online research of the current situation regarding Covid-19 and its consequences and present an extensive analysis of the market developments over the past Corona year at the end of this year. Depending on its outcome, GFA will develop a tailor-made strategy for 2021 about which the trade press will be informed in due time. “GFA has members from different countries all over the world, which makes it possible to get an interesting overview of the current situation. Overall, our members are doing admirably well in these difficult circumstances. However, it is wise to keep a close eye on things to avoid unpleasant surprises,” says Gottskalksson in conclusion.

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