Cali, the omni-channel sustainable building products company, is adding to its European oak flooring collection, Meritage, with three all-new colors. The collection now comprises 11 engineered styles defined by craftsmanship and visual character. All Meritage planks feature European white oak responsibly sourced from Lacey Act compliant forests layered 4mm thick over a sustainable and stabilizing wood core. This stratified construction allows planks to be cut longer and wider, reaching 86 inches by 9½ inches – the longest, widest floors Cali offers. Broader planks give rooms a more expansive look and feel, perfect for open design plans. Building with engineered layers also enables each oak tree to yield four times as much flooring. 

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“The expansion of Meritage speaks to CALI’s success in penetrating the world of luxury hardwood flooring,” says Cali president Doug Jackson. “The fact that these beautiful oak planks remain so high-quality at these dimensions, despite such a competitive price point, illustrates CALI’s ability to harness our expertise to best benefit the customer.”   

In the wine world, a Meritage is a French Bordeaux style blend made in California. This flooring collection follows suit, sourcing high end oak wood from European forests, and infusing it with an environmentally-friendly California character. 

Meritage planks are live sawn, a luxury cutting technique that best captures the wood’s trailing knots and other visual intricacies. European oak is particularly well-suited to treatments like staining and fuming, aimed at drawing out additional colors and wood grain details. Both techniques interact with the wood’s natural tannins to give planks a more weathered, rustic character.  

Meritage flooring is wire brushed, tongue-and-groove milled and shielded by seven coats of a safe-for-the-home aluminum oxide finish. Each plank measures ⅗ inches thick and can be glued down or nailed with a glue assist. The collection is backed by a 50 year residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty.  

The collection’s three new styles are Chardonnay Oak, Barbera Oak, and Lost Coast Oak. All Meritage styles can be seen at