For our inaugural  #StyleStories series, we interviewed Katie Ford, director of brand strategy, Anderson Tuftex and COREtec, live on Instagram, about the five major trends that are emerging in home interiors because of the pandemic. 

1: Closed Home Layouts 

With everyone working and learning from home, we need dedicated spaces that can be closed off, quieter and more private. 

2: Healthy Homes

Indoor air quality and clean surfaces are paramount concerns among homeowners. Non-porous and germ-resistant materials, such as metals, are rising in popularity. 

3: Smart Home Technology

With homeowners wanting to touch fewer surfaces, voice control technology is increasing in popularity. Geothermal and solar panels are helping transform homes to become more sustainable. 

4: Biophilia

Consumers flooded the home centers and garden centers during the pandemic, and we’re seeing more greenery and natural elements in the home. Plants create a calming effect and work into the natural color palettes that are trending in residences today. 

5: New Spaces

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Homeowners are revisiting the entry of the home to accommodate package deliveries. More built-in storage areas are needed to accommodate home learning, home office equipment. Some are building multipurpose sheds outdoors to create learning and working spaces outside of the home.