The new Fabric + Form Collection from Tarkett is comprised of six new soft surface and luxury vinyl tile options designed to coordinate seamlessly.

Sheared Herringbone has a plush, luxurious feel with a seamless appearance. The pattern is made up of rows of parallel lines, which – in any two adjacent rows – slope in opposite directions. Because of the design’s dense textural properties, some of the underlying pattern subtly disappears, creating a rich, tactile look. Sheared Herringbone is available in three modular tile sizes.

Twill is a tightly constructed, well-balanced, sophisticated pattern based on Twill fabric – and a highly versatile building block of Tarkett’s Fabric + Form Collection. Simulating the look of a textile weave, in which filling threads pass over one and under two or more warp threads, Twill’s diagonally-lined design is welcomed anywhere. Twill is available in Powerbond and three modular tile sizes.

Arterra LVT with Techtonic protection offers a more contemporary take on a linear stone visual. The distinctive pattern of Tarkett’s Arterra luxury vinyl tile is formed by oversized, randomly-rotated hexagons. Once that pattern is cut into planks, a new and truly unique visual is created. Designed for all market segments, Arterra LVT is an ideal complement to either Twill or Sheared Herringbone and it helps products coordinate seamlessly from one space to the next. This digitally-printed product allows custom coloring for low minimums and quick lead times.

Aida Cloth provides a sophisticated yet fun impact, offering unexpected pops of color. The most textual of Tarkett’s Fabric + Form Collection, Aida Cloth’s style mimics the canvas horizontals and verticals that form the mesh fabric for intricate needle art. Aida Cloth is available in three modular tile sizes.

Suede Tones beautifully integrates into this collection by evoking the visual dimension and fine fibers of true suede. With a stria that comes and goes, the design uses a vertical transition of texture to infuse a space with subtle energy. Aida Cloth and Suede Tones’ meaningfully curated choices offer a classic yet comfortable luxury, with soothing, elemental choices designed to sustain their beauty over time. ­­­Suede Tones is available in Powerbond and three modular tile sizes.

Entwine luxury vinyl tile is the result of layering multiple textile effects at different scales and blends the geometry of an argyle pattern with a woven texture. Entwine LVT partners perfectly with Aida Cloth and Suede Tones in all spaces and market segments – enabling a seamless flow from one space to the next. Digitally printed and protected with Techtonic, Entwine offers custom coloring for low minimums and quick lead times.

“As a forward-thinking business, Tarkett finds it essential that our designs blend beauty, performance, and purpose,” said Tommy Keener, senior design director, Tarkett North America. “Fabric + Form provides a defense against modern stresses. Carefully curated and embracing luxury, Fabric + Form offers beautiful style and texture while also providing flooring solutions for the specific needs of every space and budget.”

The Fabric + Form Collection is available with Tarkett’s Powerbond hybrid resilient flooring technology. Introduced in 1967, Powerbond has revolutionized the industry for more than 50 years. The cushion is designed with a scientifically precise density and thickness, so every cell is consistent and closed to ensure moisture cannot enter. With the look and feel of carpet and the performance of resilient, Powerbond seams are chemically welded to create an impermeable, wall-to-wall moisture barrier and provide for enhanced ease of soil and stain removal. Its unique construction of nylon and closed-cell cushion produces a floorcovering that’s integral, inseparable and impermeable.

Poor acoustics are a major concern for employees, with studies revealing it can take up to 15 minutes to regain concentration after being distracted by unwanted noise. The Powerbond construction is an ideal solution for addressing workplace acoustics because it absorbs sound and is rugged enough to handle heavy loads and excessive rolling traffic. Because of its incredible strength and durability, many of Tarkett’s first customers are still enjoying their Powerbond installations 30, 40 and 50 years later.

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