Tarkett's Guardian NXT is a carbon-neutral flooring solution designed to work together both functionally and aesthetically to create more productive classrooms and workspaces. The soft-surface designs are available on Powerbond and modular tile options, in 10 colorways. Tarkett has also released Factor, a new digitally-printed LVT with eight coordinating hues, completmentary to the Guardian NXT color palette. Featuring a number of Tarkett’s trailblazing technologies, Guardian NXT will contribute to the comfort and sustainability of any space, while maximizing return on investment. 

“Some floor patterns are more obvious than others, wearing their hearts on their sleeves without asking us to lean in and take a closer look. But that’s not Guardian NXT’s style,” said Tommy Keener, senior design director, Tarkett North America. “With careful planting and shifting of yarns, we’ve created a unique layering of both organic and geometric elements. The result is a celebration of color and form, with surprising treasures hidden just beneath the surface.”

Since the early 1970s, Tarkett’s Guardian styles have combined forward-looking design with unmatched Powerbond performance. Guardian NXT pays tribute to these roots while looking to the future with the latest tufting technologies. Introduced in 1967, Powerbond has revolutionized the industry for more than 50 years. The cushion is designed with a scientifically precise density and thickness, so every cell is consistent and closed to ensure moisture cannot enter. With the look and feel of carpet and the performance of resilient, Powerbond seams are chemically welded to create an impermeable, wall-to-wall moisture barrier and provide for enhanced ease of soil and stain removal. Its unique construction of nylon and closed-cell cushion produces a floor covering that’s integral, inseparable and impermeable. 

The Powerbond construction is an ideal solution for creating calmer environments with a 0.22 Noise Reduction Coefficient, and a 68 Impact Insulation Class, and is rugged enough to handle heavy traffic.

For more information, visit tarkettna.com.