Unilin Technologies introduces its patented Pressed Bevel Technology for resilient flooring to its growing licensing base. With this technology, the edges of a resilient flooring panel are pressed downwards into a bevel, making sure the decor layer and texture of the board continue until the deepest point of the bevel. This technology, on which Unilin Technologies already started filing patents more than 10 years ago, enhances the appearance of resilient flooring to be even closer to real wood than ever before.

"The pressed bevel is an upgrade compared to the traditional painted or lacquered bevels that are often seen on rigid floors since both the look and feel of the bevel is closer to nature," said Floris Koopmans, business development manager at Unilin Technologies. "Thanks to the pressed bevel, a rigid floor will also feel more pleasant to the touch, since all sharp edges are eliminated. We are looking forward to share this technology with the Unilin licensees and are convinced that it will create another boost to their successful business."

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