Hardwood flooring manufacturer AHF Products is targeting millennials with a new flooring brand, tmbr. Designed for a generation that seeks authenticity, social responsibility, and a connection with nature, tmbr will roll out to specialty retail through distribution in the next two weeks.  

“There are anywhere between 80 and 95 million millennials, comprising roughly 30% of the population—and they are entering the home buying years,” said Kevin Whaley, vice president – sales, product and marketing, AHF Products-tmbr. “Millennials have outpaced baby boomers, with a collective spending power of $1.4 trillion. This will only continue to grow.”

Tmbr’ s visuals are inspired by some of the world’s most naturally beautiful destinations. The first collection launching this spring is Big Sur, an engineered hardwood collection of white oak and hickory in 7 ½”-wide planks and 10 colors. Inspired by the region’s Pacific coast and a blend of lush, rugged coastline, the combination of textures and colors in a low-gloss finish provides an inspiring design palette.

“Millennials seek out places like California’s Big Sur to reconnect with their love for nature, to rekindle creativity, escape the daily grind, and be captivated by the natural beauty and allure of the outdoors," said Jaimie Hooper, marketing director, tmbr.

Future tmbr collections will follow this same destinations approach, utilizing key locations as the foundation for which colors, style and messaging will be based, Hooper explained. “The idea is to create unique collections that all fall under the tmbr. brand ethos, while providing a unique emotional and visual identity to connect with for our consumers.”

The team will use a two-pronged approach to market the new brand: shopping for a cause and partnering with an influencer couple. 

First adapters of tmbr include Bolt Farm Treehouse, a millennial lifestyle couple with highly sought-after bed-and-breakfast homes which provide a nature-immersive travel experience. They will feature tmbr. in several of their properties, saying the visuals and the vibe of the collection mesh with their nature-oriented décor. 

“We chose tmbr because not only does the high-quality product provide a high-class aesthetic that complements our luxury designs, but there is also so much detail and intentionality engrained in this nature-inspired brand,” said Tori Bolt, co-owner Bolt Tree Farmhouse. “We feel deeply aligned with tmbr as the brand, like ours, artfully showcases the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Tmbr is the dream flooring solution for the millennial homeowner who wants to invest in brands making a conscious effort to do good in the world by giving back to causes that support nature-based programs.”

Millennials, as does AHF Products, place a premium on corporate social responsibility.  Among the partners that tmbr is working with include the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. More than one million members, supporters and valued partners have helped plant more than 350 million trees throughout the world to ensure a greener and healthier future.

Supporting tmbr’s local independent retailers is equally as important as supporting environmental responsibility. IndependentWeStand is a movement and local business directory dedicated to connecting buy-local consumers with independent businesses nationwide. Tmbr has joined as a sponsor and has organized a membership program for all its dealers.

“What can really set you apart is that your business is locally-owned. And that’s where IndependentWeStand can help. We help other small businesses celebrate their locally owned roots and help them tap into America’s ever-growing desire to ‘buy local’,” said Bill Brunelle, co-founder, IndependentWeStand.

Tmbr dealers will automatically become a premium member. To help small businesses stand out from the big-boxes and national chains, IndependentWeStand has developed a series of learning tools, marketing materials and other resources that flooring retailers can use to understand the importance of and promoting locally owned businesses.

"Tmbr is very attractive in the sense that everything was completely ready to roll from the start," said Scott Bertram, vice president of sales for California-based BR Funsten & Co. “The features and specs of the product really shine; the natural look, while fairly clean, and the wider width for west coast is a big key in hitting what is trending in the market right now. In a sea of sameness, tmbr stands out due to its fully realized program from the start.”

For information, visit tmbrflooring.com.

Floor Trends Magazine interviewed AHF President and CEO Brian Carson; Kevin Whaley, vice president—sales, product and marketing; and Jamie Hooper, marketing director, tmbr.​​; for what this brand means for specialty retail. Listen here.