The National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT), introduced the Substrate and Subfloor Prep Certification. This certification will serve as the foundation for future certifications. This certification is a three-step process, starting with online courses, followed by hands-on training with NAFCT Educational Partners and then the successful completion of the final exam.

NAFCT would like to thank the committee led by Seth Pevarnik, Ardex Americas, on creating a thorough program which includes both online learning and hands-on training. Committee members include Aaron Abbott, Laticrete; Sam Biondo, Mapei Corporation; Sonny Callaham, Divergent Adhesives; Dean Craft, ISE Logik Industries; Shane Jenkins, Schönox, HPS North America, Inc.; Don Jewell, Loba-Wakol, LLC; Paul Pleshek, NAFCT Executive Director.

Seth Pevarnik shared, “It is great to see the NAFCT Substrate and Subfloor Prep Certification cross the finish line! Proper substrate and subfloor preparation is critical for a successful finish flooring installation. This certification will advance the installer’s knowledge and skill set, ultimately resulting in successful installations, to include the successful installation of Ardex products. Ardex is pleased to be able to support the certification and is pleased to be an NAFCT Educational Partner!”

The Substrate and Subfloor Prep Certification online course covers wood subfloors and underlayment materials, wood subfloor construction, components of concrete, concrete subfloor construction and placement, concrete problems and causes, thick pour gypsum underlayment and respirable silica. The lessons are presented as videos and the presentation materials are available as pdfs. The online lessons are thirty to forty-five minutes in length and progress linearly. Prior to advancing to the next lessen, each person will need to take the accompanying quiz to reinforce knowledge.

NAFCT Educational Partners are gearing up to hold the hands-on training for the substrate and subfloor prep certification. The educational partners include Ardex Americas, Divergent Adhesives, ISE Logik Industries, Laticrete International, Inc., Loba-Wakol, LLC, Mapei Corporation, and Schönox, HPS North America, Inc.

The certification program is $100 and course content and training is easily accessible. To learn more about the program and NAFCT, visit