Months of dedication and the combined efforts of several departments have gone into the creation of a new website for Happy Floors. 

The primary goal of the redesign was to enable a more user-focused experience. This was accomplished, by providing its website visitors with an improved product search, a variety of tile-related resources including a glossary, FAQ, and tile pattern guide, and several key tools to simplify the design process. 

Chief among these tools is the room visualizer, which effortlessly allows customers to take an image of a room with their cellphone and then redecorate its floors and walls virtually with Happy Floors’ products. This powerful tool delivers the creative visualization of a designer into the hands of all. 

Each of the tools and added features contribute to improving the user journeys throughout the site, leading to an experience that is as efficient as it is enjoyable. Happy Floors customers can keep up to date on their latest products, collection specifications, and company announcements on the new website. 

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