HMTX Industries was honored by Ragan’s 2021 CSR & Diversity Awards, receiving two accolades from this awards program whose winners created powerful campaigns, initiatives, programs and projects that made the world safer, healthier, more equitable and sustainable.

HMTX was the top winner in the “CSR & ESG Business Practices: Green and Environmental Stewardship” category for its entry “The Journey From Product Transparency to Social Justice, the New CSR”, which detailed the process that earned the company the first JUST label for its manufacturing partner in China. Said Ragan in announcing the win, “JUST certifies socially responsible companies. HMTX’s pursuit of its label is creating a ripple effect in Chinese manufacturing.”

HMTX also received an Honorable Mention in the Employee Volunteer Program category, for the work of the Halstead/Metroflor Addiction Crisis Charity (HMAC) and its goal to provide rehabilitation "scholarships" and support to families who otherwise would not be financially able to help save their loved ones suffering from Substance Addiction Disorders (SADs). To date, the nonprofit HMAC has raised over $318,000 to support addiction rehabilitation organization partners in New York, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Said Ragan in announcing the winners and honorees, “They told stories about their efforts that made a positive impact on their communities, within their organizations and around the world. Bottom line: Their work made a difference for the better.”

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