B.R. Funsten and Tom Duffy Company announced a branding consolidation and unveiled a distinctive new logo and corporate identity. 

Moving forward under the moniker of Tom Duffy Company, the Fairfield, California-based wholesale flooring distributor is combining two entities into one.

“A unified company structure allows us to tighten up our operational, warehousing & trucking efficiencies, helps to fast track our plans for digital transformation and promotes a collaborative company culture," said Tom Duffy Company President Anne Funsten. "While our corporate identity has undergone a significant transformation, our core values have not. Our company focus is on enhancing our customer experience and the ease of doing business with us. The Tom Duffy Company name is on the buildings of all of our 29 locations and that is how we are most identified by our customers in California, Nevada and Arizona.”

The company fused previous B.R. Funsten and Tom Duffy Company logos together to form a new identity with a more modern look that captures our story, according to Donna Lagano, vice president of marketing and digital strategy. "The redesigned logo represents our authority in distribution and warehousing with the 3-D block icon," she said. "The icon layers represent our deep knowledge and respect for the craft of flooring installation and resemble the multiple layers of a flooring installation system. The color choice and tagline are a nod to our parent company’s logo and their successful history in the flooring industry.”

While the B.R. Funsten Company name will take a back seat to its brand equity bearer Tom Duffy Company, the Funsten family is still decisively in charge of the day-to-day operations and strategic long-term planning.

Funsten carries on her family legacy while leading the Tom Duffy Company – identified in the updated logo as, “a B.R. Funsten Company.”

Founded in 1957 by her grandfather, the eponymous Benjamin Reed Funsten, and later run for many years by her father, Jim Funsten, the B.R. Funsten Company became one of the top flooring distributors in the Western United States. In the mid 1990s, it acquired sundries distributor, Tom Duffy Company, further expanding its product offering to over 10,000 flooring items. Today, the Tom Duffy Company is one of the top wholesale flooring product distributors in the country with over 450,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and 29 branch locations that provide convenient access points for customer pick-up or local market deliveries throughout Arizona, California and Nevada.

For more information, visit tomduffy.com