Bottle Floor is a revolutionary new platform constructed with 30% post-consumer recycled bottles, taking your waste bottles and recycling them into a beautifully designed, highly durable flooring.

In the U.S., 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away each day - most ending up in landfill or as litter. We need to eliminate waste and create opportunities for waste to become a valuable resource in the circular economy. Bottle Floor is part of that commitment to circularity—to practicing a regenerative, closed loop approach to sustainability.

Each sq yd of Bottle Floor contains an average of 61 post-consumer plastic bottles. Made in the USA, Bottle Floor is PVC-free, contains no plasticizers and no chlorine and is 100% recyclable back into itself. Cradle to Cradle certification is pending for this new product platform. Cradle to Cradle assures the product has met rigorous, comprehensive sustainability and material health standards.

The felted visual creates a clean, elegant, and understated aesthetic. Bottle Floor is constructed using PET fibers that are needle bonded together for a non-woven product with a soft surface aesthetic. The 12 x 48 inch plank is a rigid core construction that offers enhanced dimensional stability and indentation resistance. Unlike traditional hard surface products, Bottle Floor addresses issues like slip resistance, acoustic absorption and comfort underfoot while also having the durability to withstand heavy traffic and rolling loads.

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