Custom Building Products, manufacturer of tile installation and flooring preparation products, launched a new internet experience designed by construction pros for construction pros. 

Today’s construction professional realizes that their most valuable tool is not on their toolbelt, instead it’s in their pocket – a mobile phone, the company said. Using their phone as a gateway to the internet, these pros rely on online resources to learn about, specify, and install the right products for any size project. 

The 10-month holistic overhaul of the site focused on improving the user experience, including:

  • Site navigation which is more intuitive;
  • Information specifically tailored to contractors, architects, and distributors;
  • Fast, responsive service using live chat with technical service specialists;
  • Enhanced product knowledge from project case studies detailing the products used and proper application;
  • Easy to use material calculator to quickly calculate product quantities needed for any size job;
  • Professional development via Custom Technical University (CTU) Online Anytime featuring more than 25 short, fact-filled video courses;
  • Pages and images that load quicker.

“Tile and flooring professionals trust Custom’s line of products because we listen to them and consistently innovate to meet their needs, and our redesigned website is evidence of that,” said Reeve Haldeman, vice president of marketing, Custom Building Products. “Our improved website ensures our customers have the information they need for their current projects. Our new online university is designed to provide continuing education using concise and information-packed videos, it’s all part of our efforts to continue to be the pros’ first choice.”

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