Durkan, the hospitality brand of Mohawk Group, has announced the Graafika collection as part of The Waterways Project to celebrate the powerful, evolving nature of rivers. 

Mohawk Group works to support and honor the rivers that directly impact the many lives they support through The Waterways Project. The Graafika collection is a part of this project and was created to showcase beautiful waterways in an array of designs crafted carefully by senior field designer Yelena Rodina.  

“The Graafika collection is like a winding river, it rushes forward, meeting adventure on its way,” said hospitality senior field designer Yelena Rodina. “In the collection, sketching and brushstroke painting intertwine to create energetic and fluctuating rhythms, while interlaced elegant geometry lines balance the patterns.” 

One of nature’s many captivations is a meandering river. It has its own character, sometimes calm and full flowing, then icy and exuberant. It constantly changes its path and is always on the move to find its own unique way.  

“This is a unique collection that has its own character,” said Mark Page, senior director of creative design and development. “The collection allows for your imagination to effortlessly flow into new spaces like never before.”  

In addition to its unique design, the Graafika collection was created to elevate hospitality flooring design to new heights. The collection displays the innovative technical capabilities of Durkan in Pattern Perfect, Spectrafit, PDI Tile, Definity, and Tufted Broadloom, which allows for endless possibilities for any hospitality project.  

Pattern Perfect - Brings depth, warmth and tactility to any contract interior and deliver exceptional definition and color clarity to any project.  

PDI Tile A patented 3D layering of pattern and texture, Synthesis by Durkan creates carpet with incomparable depth and richness, as well as unlimited pattern and color options.  

Definity Lifts luxury design to the level it demands—where every detail of color and texture can be defined to the highest degree. With Definity, designers enjoy supreme creative flexibility across color, pattern and texture. Definity allows you to fully define and express your vision. 

Tufted Broadloom - Up the comfort with Durkan’s tufted broadloom carpet, the ideal solution for perfectly appointed guest rooms. As part of a complete range of soft surfaces that meet the needs of these spaces, our guest room solutions evoke a sense of calm and create an environment that allows your guests to relax, recharge, refocus and redirect.  

Spectrafit - Durkan's Spectrafit pattern match technology allows you to scale up any design to meet the needs of your space. Hotel owners & guests can enjoy dramatic, large patterns with near infinite design capabilities. 

For more information, visit durkan.com.