Board members of the Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) are meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this week to discuss progress of the installer recruitment campaign and the executive committee’s plans for 2022. 

Jim Aaron, executive director, FCEF, said that he and Kaye Whitener, national manager, FCEF, have been traveling for the company to gain support for the program. Reception of the program has been phenomenal, according to Aaron. With travel taking place every week for the past eight months, they have covered a lot of ground and met with retailers who are being proactive by launching their own academies or training programs. 

 After gaining much insight from their travels, the current discussions revolve around managing expectations for the flooring industry when it comes to the timeline for the recruitment campaign, but more so the focus lies on awareness. According to Aaron, the industry is not fully aware of what the FCEF’s role consists of, and it is the responsibility of the FCEF to change it.

Stay tuned this week for more updates on FCEF.