I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, announced that CFL has signed a new license agreement with I4F for its low-gloss, matt-effect surface finishing technology. The technology, developed by Tarkett, is exclusively available via an I4F license as one of its surface finishing cluster innovations.

Through the use of a sophisticated patented curing process, this technology delivers a highly realistic matt surface on panels with a minimal variance of gloss grade over time. Additionally, the technology significantly improves surface properties on critical dimensions that can be applied to all levels of gloss. This reinforces flooring panels’ micro-scratch resistance levels and makes cleaning easier—on low gloss as well as standard gloss flooring.

Tom van Poyer, CEO of CFL said: “We strive to offer the market high demand flooring solutions and that’s why we selected this unique Tarkett technology only available from i4F. Experience has shown us that i4F has the required know-how and flair to find the latest and greatest flooring industry innovations. This NatureTrend coating will be a key part of our Firmfit Original and Firmfit Silent collections being introduced across Europe in February 2022. Surfaces 2022 visitors will be able to see our more commercial PureCoat Rigid Core lines using the same technology on our booth in Las Vegas.”

I4F CEO John Rietveldt, adds: “We are delighted that CFL has signed a new I4F license for this highly sophisticated surface finishing technology, signed Tarkett. This innovative technology not only meets growing consumer demand trends for low gloss/matt flooring, but also delivers some truly meaningful benefits including reduced light reflection under any angle, easy maintenance and enhanced surface performance.”

For more information, visit i4f.com