Patcraft has introduced its newest modular collection, Deconstructed Form, which is the latest adaptation within the patent pending Deconstructed platform. Highlighting a unique approach to flooring design, the Deconstructed collections expose the product’s primary backing to create pattern and color variation. Each new collection within the platform tells a different visual story and moves beyond traditional product design with thoughtful engineering. The design of Deconstructed Form explores textural structure through the use of shape, creating a visual depiction of form and dimensionality.

“We were inspired to create a collection that could merge both minimalist and maximalist design elements,” said Amanda Hopkins, product designer for Patcraft. “This next collection really demonstrates an evolution of pattern, as we considered scale and contrast throughout the process to ensure a cohesive design aesthetic.”

Designing a dynamic flooring collection that would both enhance and balance a space required a reflective process. The design team worked through different iterations of the patterns, studying the bold geometrics and saturated colors to find the right combination of shape and form. Throughout the process they revisited the proportion and colors, subtly contrasting shapes to strike a delicate balance in pattern.

“We thought through the idea of creating moments— including bold moments that create a mood or evoke a feeling—in addition to providing opportunities for a simpler or softer design,” said Hopkins.

To create the final styles, the team used texture and tip shearing, and the patterns developed a plush surface as the shapes emerged from the exposed backing, which features subtle metallic accents. The designers played with different yarn types to achieve the brightest colors, ultimately using EcoSolution Q nylon. With a wide array of yarn colors, the team had the ability to curate the complementary color groupings to provide deep color saturation and contrast.

Deconstructed Form is available in six complementary 18” x 36” carpet tile styles, and launching soon will be the collection’s rug offering, Ascent, which will be available in three sizes. By utilizing varied manufacturing construction processes to offer unique visuals, the collection includes a range of patterns from large scale to textured to luxe for flexibility in use throughout different environments. Each of the styles creates a distinctive design with sleek arcs or intersecting angles to enhance and balance the mood and experience of a space.

Constructed with EcoSolution Q nylon and EcoWorx backing, Deconstructed Form is Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver. As a carpet tile with EcoWorx backing, the collection can be recycled at the end of its useful life to then be remade into EcoWorx flooring through the re[TURN] Reclamation Program. Products are backed with limited lifetime warranties against stain, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear for maximum performance and appearance retention.

Designed to connect spatial perception with emotive response, Deconstructed Form is a spectrum of construction, visuals and color that can create and define space in soft and striking ways. Transform space with Deconstructed Form.