As one of the founding members of the Broadlume selling system, our vantage point for this event was very intimate. We had the ability to see the concept, the development of the plan, and the execution of a progressive convention. Broadlume‘s team approach of changing the way business is accomplished through technology platforms that are now 360 degrees for flooring retailers was inspiring.

Strong results came from a strategy of working with existing partners, bringing in potential new members throughout the three-day event, and staggering each group so that they could maximize their time with the individuals. Each person in attendance could explore, hold discussions with leadership, and meet individual vendors throughout the convention. The fast and simple messages during the presentations provided the info without fluff or wasting time. Broadlume is taking the modern YouTube and TedTalk methods to heart when speaking to their audience.

Now let’s talk about the new shiny new thing that Broadlume is offering: it’s a 360-degree approach to helping the flooring world march into digital. They provide the ability to view products in their spaces, driving the sales into the local retailers' hands through an advanced sample request option, a new selling system in the store that showcases what is online and then the process helps them track sales, understand data of the sales process and complete the order—all the while using a unified platform software with Rollmaster. 

Tech smart: Yes.
Moving retailers into future: Yes. 
Providing leads through internet searches: Yes. 

All these things have been tried in the past, but not all under the same vision or strength of one group. That group now is Broadlume. Let’s see how the flooring world reacts and embraces this new approach. I hope with open arms since this is how other brick-and-mortar retailers like Target, Macy’s, who also have strong online business, embrace a 360-degree view. The future looks strong for the Broadlume group!